The basic mission of Bodega Land Trust, like all land trusts, is to protect and improve our environment. Therefore we are deeply concerned with climate change and the threat it poses to the landscapes for which we care. Decades from now, we cannot be sure that the redwoods will still stand in the Salmon Creek watershed; we cannot be sure that our beaches will not be submerged.

At a meeting in Paris in early December almost every nation in the world made specific commitments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to combat global warming. The agreement was hailed as a great step forward. It is an important and welcome development. But we have to understand that it is still limited and inadequate.

1. The Paris Agreement provides no penalties for a nation that fails to meet its

           commitment, even though the stated commitments were all voluntary.

2. The Paris Agreement has no enforcement mechanism.

       3. Even if every nation meets its commitment to reduce greenhouse gases, it is very doubtful that the stated goal of limiting the world temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius can be achieved. The two-degree target is central to international attempts to stave off the worst consequences of global warming.

We cannot relax. Everyone who cares about the environment must continue to push for more effective action in the face of climate change. Tell our politicians that America must no only fulfill the commitments made in Paris; it must exceed them.